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Gary C's Avenger Style OWB Holster

Old Fashioned Business


   Hi! Thank you for visiting!

   We're Gary and Peggy Cadwallader. We've produced and sold our hand crafted gunleather from our home based shop since 2010. 

   Gary C's Leather is located in the hills of Northwestern Montana - about 10 miles outside the town of Libby.

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eMail   woodentrout@live.com

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Old Fashioned Business

Gary C's Avenger Style OWB Holster

Old Fashioned Business


Our philosophy is very simple:

   Gary has designed, tested, and makes each holster, pouch and belt we sell.

    Each piece has been molded and fitted to the actual gun or accessory it is designed to carry - and checked for fit at each step.

   If Gary isn't satisfied and wouldn't buy or use an item that we've made- we don't sell it.  

   We keep our prices reasonable, and have become known for the friendly, personalized service only a small shop like ours can give. 

Browse our online shops to see what we have for sale

Or just send us an email or give us a call, and we would be delighted to help you. We also do custom work. 

Gary C's Avenger Style OWB Holster

Gary C's Avenger Style OWB Holster

Gary C's Avenger Style OWB Holster


   Our shop speciality is the "Gary C's Avenger Style" holster, sometimes called a half-pancake. A neutral cant with open top -  this style provides a quick draw as well as great passive retention.

   Made from a very heavy Veg Tanned Tooling Leather, double stitched seams,  the holster is stiff and durable. 

   It features a tunnel loop behind the gun's action and  a trailing edge loop, carrying the gun securely and tight against the body- no flopping even with a heavy gun.

   A reinforced throat strap keeps the holster open for safe and easy re-holstering. 

Gary C's Full Flap Holster

Old Western "Skin Tight" Holsters

Gary C's Avenger Style OWB Holster


   Gary C's "Full Flap Style" holster can be built for many revolvers and semi autos.

    While we have a few holsters ready-made for sale, we make most Full Flap Holsters to order. Just contact us to see if we can build one for your gun.  

    Our heavy leather OWB Full Flap holster protects your gun from muzzle to grips. Great for hunting trips, riding on horseback, motorcycle or ATV, and for carrying in your truck or vehicle, or packing your gun.

   Made from heavy duty Veg Tanned Tooling Leather, in left or right hand, it features a heavy duty snap closure with no metal to gun contact. 

Ammo Pouches & Belts

Old Western "Skin Tight" Holsters

Old Western "Skin Tight" Holsters



We sell  accessory gun leather. All made with high quality vegetable tanned tooling leather.

Our magazine pouches come in single, double or combo-with-torch styles.

Speed strip pouches in various calibers are made to fit Bianchi Style 6 round strips, and some Tuff Quick Strip 7 or 8 round strips.

Matching belts are heavy single layer PLAIN or STITCHED Edge style.

Click below to see how to measure for our belt sizes as we usually make to order, with only a few listed online.

Old Western "Skin Tight" Holsters

Old Western "Skin Tight" Holsters

Old Western "Skin Tight" Holsters

Vaquero 4-5/8" single action

Gary C's Old Western "Skin Tight" holsters are made for a small selection of Black Powder and Single Action Revolvers, along with some accessories. Each holster is hand carved in the Sheridan floral traditional style. 

Limited availability. 

For Western Style Holsters Click here

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To to see if we can build a western style holster for you, please contact us at woodentrout@live.com, or call us 406 293-8860.